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Some of the Most Popular Web Design Trends in 2019

Dynamic gradient

Gradients have always been in design. Especially in recent years, they were in abundance and we could see them in almost every detail of websites. Then came the flat design era, which dictated the new vision as something flat, simple, and existing in one plane. But, the flat plane became too simple because the world that we see with our eyes is not so flat. The gradients began to gain strength again and fill the designs with a new wave of transitions, changing the flat design and improving it. Now gradients are back and gaining popularity as people have become tired of flat non-slip design. Dynamic gradients breathe new life with bright dynamic colors that shimmer and glare.


Digital art

Digital art is a new era of design that is rapidly becoming trendy. Designers no longer have to paint with their hands on paper. But now, with technology, we get a new modern kind of art. Now, design works are born in a digital form, drawing with electronic brushes and a stylus to get illustrations. It’s a new and powerful thing that has changed the digital design industry and there are many worldwide companies that already use this technology. Because such illustrations are very different from earlier ones, simple photoshop style brushes go to the past as it is a new era of design that is rapidly evolving and it is unlikely to be replaced for a very long time.


Isometric design in illustrations and in photos

Originally, isometric design was mostly used in technical drawings by people like architects and engineers. However, it has now become very popular in the design industry. Isometric drawings are basically 2-dimensional drawings that appear to be 3-dimensional. The unique effect created by isometric drawings has helped make it a powerful tool and a staple in a designer’s toolbox.


Negative space and Typography

A trend that also takes a leading position this year is negative space. Negative space always attracts attention, especially when it is used with a certain idea that conveys additional meaning. The essence of this concept is empty space around an object or between several objects that create new artistic forms. Now trending, there is not only the negative space around the objects but also a mixture of negative space and the printing house using this method can get very steep and unforgettable visual effects that will enchant the view.


Papercut Illustrations

Illustrations that took inspiration from cutting paper. Compositions in this style are displayed by different layers superimposed one on another. This creates depth so that you see the shadows and textures which are at the core of this style. Using this technique, we get completely new compositions that give a new non-standard perception.

The market dictates new trends and new interpretations of existing styles. Design never remains the same and everyday designers come up with new creations, you can and should be aware of all new products so you aren’t caught standing still. So don’t get stuck working in one frame, feel free to experiment. Breaking the templates goes beyond because that’s how new trends are created that are gaining popularity all over the world.

After all, the truth is simple, in design, there are no frames, the only limit is your imagination.


What are some of your favorite design styles? We’d love to hear them!

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